• I’m a 13 year owner of a 2000 Insight, green w/ 5speed. Despite owning it forever it’s also what un-made me a Honda fan, dealing with constantly failing IMA batteries (five total), and a Honda factory recall to reprogram the battery control computer to greatly reduce the MPG, acceleration and regenerative braking, but that’s not a story germane for this DT post.

    What is germane is the 2001 Insight I briefly owned with the CVT. I bought it used and the transmission was harsh and exhibited all the characteristics of a crappy CVT. Not knowing the maintenance history on the car, I decided to change the trans fluid to see what effect that might have on it: a lot in fact. The car became more fun than my manual as unlike a conventional hydraulic fluid auto transmission, the Honda CVT would accelerate the instant you hit the gas, no waiting for a downshift, no delay at all. It even had a “sport” button that kept the engine in its (minuscule) power band.

    What the manual transmission gives you on the Insight is “lean burn”, not found in the auto version. I could legit achieve 70mpg in the manual versus 55mpg in the auto. OTOH the CVT has a greater range of gearing than the manual, so that’s a plus. Why Honda didn’t give the auto Insight lean burn is a mystery to me.

    My third Insight for a few years was a K20a 220hp swap. The only one I regret selling? The Insight with the CVT.

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