About Us

The Daily Turismo staff is a collection of car enthusiasts, gearheads and writers.  When we aren’t slaving away at finding a pun for the name Cimarron, we are racing, buying, breaking, fixing, and sometimes selling cars.  Read more about what we are in the DT Manifesto.

We’re always on the lookout for cheap, fun daily drivers and project cars. No big-bucks classics, over-restored trailer queens or million dollar prototype racers will be found on this site. We’d like to show that anyone with a steady job and a bit of mechanical aptitude can enjoy a unique, fun “daily turismo.” There is no need to drive a 10-year old beige transportation appliance if you’re a car nut on a budget!

We are: 

Vince Barbarie        Editor-in-Chief & Founder

Chris Floren    Technical Editor & Co-Founder

Mark Hunsberger  Contributing Writer & Guru 

John P. Burrows    Contributor and Amateur Noise Maker 

Ben Aranda   DT Radio Show Producer

DailyTurismo was founded in 2012 and since that time we have published over 4,000 features, received 6,000 tips, read 25,000 excellent comments, had over 45,000 listens to our radio show, and gotten 6,500,000 pageviews.  (stats as of Sept 2015).