Momster Truck: 1986 Volvo 740GLE Turbo Diesel Trar

(Two years ago this was for sale, not it’s back) — People often forget that the load carrying capacity – or let’s say utility in general – of a vehicle is directly proportional to how many eff’s you don’t give about it. Ever see that guy at the landscape supply having a half-yard of mulch dumped into the trunk of a Kia Sephia? Or the dude hunting out of a Matrix with a salvage title? He doesn’t need a truck and an economy car because he already has both of them. Find this lifted 1986 Volvo 740GLE Turbo Diesel for sale in Havre de Grace, MD for $1,800 via craigslist.

The Volvo 740 Turbo Diesel lies in stark contrast to American diesel variants of vehicles. The Swedes put a reliable engine in a bulletproof car, which wasn’t really what we did here in the US. Normally we’d take a boring but otherwise decent sedan and fit it with a 4.3 liter, main-bearing-flinging time bomb. Or we’d procure an Isuzu Diesel that will run cars, light trucks, and log splitters until the end of time and let it rattle a Chevette to pieces. In addition, this truck has a Cherokee-like stance with about 2 inches of height added, along with some A/T’s.

The source of all the clackety-clack, whistle, and smoke is a Volkswagen-supplied SOHC straight six turbo Diesel typically used in heavy duty trucks and vans, so it was a good culture fit. I must also make commentary that Volvo has chosen to denote their turbo Diesel variant with a daintily scripted badge that totally screams stump pulling torque and billowing black plumes. Rest assured that 109hp and all of the pounds-times-feet will be able to haul around pretty much whatever you want while returning reasonable consumption.

The seats look like the lady who works at the truck stop checkout’s semi-reflective velour tracksuit but they seem to have weathered better against tears and stains. The owner has told the car “I care” with self tappers lovingly drilled through the door panels. Furthermore, there’s a bunch crackly plastic and duck tape holding brittle things together inside; this is a space meant to be shared by people, leaking bags of Quickcrete, and automatic transmissions stood on end.

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