Low Mile Classic & Brown: 1974 Lotus Europa

When did interesting colors on cars go out of style?   It seems that every other car you see on the road today is some boring shade of silver, white, or black.  Why don’t people like Plum Crazy, Mint Green, or Copper anymore? I for one, would love to have a brand new Honda covered in something like this Sepia Brown…except that I’d much prefer a classic Lotus to a new Honda…so I think I answered my question.  Weirdos who like brown don’t buy new cars, we just try and keep old junkers running.  Find 1974 Lotus Europa offered for $19,000 in SF Bay Area, CA via craigslist.  Tip from FuelTruck.

Not only is this thing covered in an awesome shade of brownish-goldish-beigish…but it is also equipped with the Twin-Cam “Big Valve” engine with 126 horsepower and only 31k miles on the odometer.   The seller admits that it has recently been resurrected from a 35 year slumber in a garage (NOT A BARN) so make sure you check the details and carefully scrutinize any new paint.

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