A King’s Ransome: 1901 Oldsmobile Curved Dash Replica

By Matt — Imagine for a moment one-upping the hipsters of your home town in a turn of the century horseless carriage, wearing a monocle and slapping bystanders with your dueling glove while laughing gayly. Or kicking up your golf course/swap meet transport game a notch or two. Find this 1901 Olds Curved Dash replica for sale on Denver craigslist for $2,900.

The seller’s forte appears to be novelty cars, judging by the old firetruck in the yard. That or he just has a lot of project car fires that need tending to, in which case we can applaud his proactivity. In lieu of rust, it appears that there is some wood rot to be dealt with which shouldn’t be too hard to fix using a donor pulpit and sleigh, if required. It could be a good primer for Morgan repair, the logical next step in neo-rustic wooden car ownership. Overall condition is pretty rough; the seller should be happy to get 1/3 of this price.

The seller says that it’s a 3 cylinder motor but most of these were thrown together with lawnmower parts. Surely, what he really means is that it was meant for 3-pot snowmobile power. Clearly what a Curved Dash needs is 120hp of 2 stroke CVT madness sitting directly under the driver. Does the mental image of one hand on top hat, the other countersteering the tiller while smoking chunks of mountain bike tries fly through the sky make your heart flutter? What about pulling on a superbike from a 50mph roll while twiddling your moustache? Perhaps you should reconsider what you’re doing with your next 4 weekends and $2,900.

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