DT Radio Show Tonight: Stef from Jalopnik and Ike from Untitled Car Show Podcast

Tonight 7PM Pacific 10PM Eastern, we’ve got Stef Schrader from Jalopnik
joining us the via skype/phone to talk about racing, Puffalumps, & Black Flags.  Later in the show, Ike is going to talk about the last 99 episodes of the Untitled Car Show Podcast..and what happens next.  Listen live on TalkRadioOne.com or via Tunein radio app for your phone (and search TalkRadioOne) at 7PM Pacific time (10PM Eastern) July 15th– or listen anytime on PodBean or iTunes.

Puffalump image from Stef — http://oppositelock.kinja.com/its-puffalump-day-for-sure-1695841781

 Listen live and call in when we give the number if you want to join the conversation.