5k: Some Imporation Required: 1989 Polski-Fiat 125p

The Polski Fiat 125p was built under a license agreement with Fiat by the soviet state-owned manufacturer Fabryka Samochodów Osobowych (“FSO”).  First offered in Poland in 1967, the 125p used the body and brake components of the soon to be released Fiat 125, but used engines and mechanical bits from the older Fiat 1300/1500 sedan.  Find this 1989 Polski-Fiat 125p offered for $4,495 buy-it-now or best offer on ebay located in Hungary.

The 125p differs from the Fiat 125 in the use of round headlights (instead of square), simple bumpers/grille, amber turn signal lenses, and slightly less complex body stampings.  There was also a Yugoslavian version of the car called the Zastava 125, an Egyptian version called the Nasr 125, plus Colombian, Argentinian…et cetera.

Under the hood is a pushrod equipped 1.5 liter inline-4, from the Fiat 1500, good for 75 horsepower.  This one is equipped with a manual transmission, so it won’t be quite as bad as it sounds and the 125p only tipped the scales at 2200 lbs.

The 125p interior was taken from the older Fiat 1300/1500, but it looks fine in this one…if not a bit spartan.   But if you are driving a late 80s communist classic, don’t expect a Mercedes-Benz S-class level of comfort.

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