2k: Roadkill: 1970ish International Harvester D-Series Pickup

Today’s roadkill feature comes from DT regular AbnMike who sent us pictures along with the following note:

Saw this International as I was driving today.
it’s in Butte, MT. Looks to be in great condition, original paint. Some
surface rust on the paint that you can see if you zoom the pics but no
cancer in the typical places.  It was locked so I couldn’t get a good
interior shot with the glare from the sun but the interior looked to be
in good shape, dash wasn’t cracked up.  The seat was covered in a cheap
Mexican blanket so not sure what it looks like under but I would assume
it’s in good shape given the rest of it.

Roadkill is a DT special feature where we post cars that are seen on the side of the road by our readers and staff.  Just be sure to include contact info for the seller if  you submit some roadkill. 

Plus you can’t beat that camper top.  Asking price is $2,495 and it’s sitting at a lot selling truck toppers: Montana Toppers: 406-782-9102.  Please note if you are reading this in 2022, it is probably sold and you shouldn’t contact the seller, he will probably be quite cross with us by now…

See some roadkill on the side of the road?  Send us pics — we’ll post it! tips@dailyturismo.com