5k: Pooh Brown: 1987 Toyota Tercel Wagon SR5 AWD 5-spd

The 2nd generation S20 Toyota Tercel wasn’t a fast car by any yardstick, but it was one of the only wagons to feature all-wheel-drive and a 6-speed manual transmission.  The transmission was really a 5 speed with an additional granny gear for hill climbing, but it did indeed have 6 forward gears when even most sports cars had 4 or 5.  Find this 1987 Toyota Tercel Wagon SR5 5-spd for sale in Helena, MT for $3,200 via craigslist.

The Tercel was equipped from the factory with a 1.5 liter inline four that puts out a miserable 63 horsepower.  Even with all-wheel-drive and a 5-speed manual the Tercel will barely be able to keep up with a FedUps truck.

Slow speed aside, this could be a great car for a winter beater or a kid’s first car.  Gas mileage will be good and the engine should last for another 100k miles with simple maintenance.  It’s ugly so your kid will have to let his or her personality do the talking when finding friends in the high school parking lot, and it doesn’t have any Blueteeth, Sat-Nav, or Facebash integration systems to distract Junior from the task at hand.

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