15k: 911 With Gaul: 1988 Renault Alpine GTA

The Renault Alpine GTA was the answer to the unasked question; What would a 911 look like if Porsche had been owned by the French?  From the rear mounted 6-cylinder to the 2+1.5 seating the Alpine GTA was everything you wanted in Renault 911…but only if you wanted the performance of a 944, looks of a Camaro/928 and built quality of a DeLorean.  It even shared the PRV V6 engine with its Northern Irish cousin but was covered in a slippery smooth plastic/fiberglass body.  Find this 1988 Renault Alpine GTA for sale in Ontario, Canada for $16,900 CDN ($16,150 USD) from rightdrive.ca.

The Alpine GTA is a decent looking car with a rear-engine layout and a turbocharged V6 engine.  Please don’t confuse the Renault Alpine GTA with the abysmal Renault GTA, that was a front drive econobox built by AMC, this is a product of the Renault takeover of Alpine and is an updated design of the Alipine A310. 

Mounted in the back of the GTA is a 2.5 liter turbocharged V6 known the PRV (named because it was a joint development project between Peugeot, Renault and Volvo).  The PRV V6 puts out 200 horsepower and should push the 2500 lb GTA around quite well for a late 80s car. 

The inside of the GTA won’t be confused with an 911, it is quite gimmicky and plastic – quite a difference from the spartan interior on the German coupe.  This 1988 model year classic is now available for legal import into the USA, but before you plunk your hard earned cash down on this GTA, you need to understand the market – there was one that recently sold on ebay for $12k and there is a black one that has been for sale for about $17k for almost two years.

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