10k: Check Your Bilirubin: 1969 Porsche 912 Targa

If you think of the Porsche 912 as a slow 911 it seems pointless, but define it as a prettier 914 and suddenly things get better. You could even call it a good-looking well-built Beetle or a 356 with better handling if you really want to mix things up…but don’t get your sweater-vest in a knot with all these crazy ideas.  Find this 1969 Porsche 912 Targa for sale in Phoenix, AZ.  Update 11-21-2013: There have been a bunch of bid cancelations and sketchy stuff going on with this auction.  Caveat emptor.

This 912 has recently been repainted a rather nice shade of Jaundice and according to the brief description from the seller is really well sorted.  The fact that the bidding has stalled around $10k is indeed surprising, but attributable to the lack of underhood/underside photos and a very brief description.  However…this doesn’t mean it is a bad deal, and a seller who values his time more than money is the best kind. One should be careful to not confuse a good ad with a good deal.

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