5k: Düsseldorf Transporter: 1987 Mercedes-Benz T2 711D

The Mercedes-Benz T2 platform is a family of light commercial vehicles built after the O309 Omnibus and before the Sprinter.   The T2 was manufactured as a box van, flatbed, or minibus and was powered by a variety of Mercedes infamously durable OM-series inline-4/inline-5 diesel engines.  The idea of sharing a powerplant between a luxury car and a commercial truck was as totally bonkers then as it is now (imagine a new Cadillac CTS sharing an engine with a GMC truck!).  Find this 1987 Mercedes Benz T2 711D offered for $5,900 CAD ($5,347 USD at time of printing) in Airdrie, AB, Canada via kijiji.ca.

The 711D version is a box van, but the digits in the name are significant– the first means a rounded total mass in tonnes and the second/third are horsepower divided by 10.  This one has a 4-cylinder diesel engine (probably turbocharged to reach 110 hp) and has 300km on the odometer…so it is just getting broken in.

Plenty of room for your junk in the back and this one has ramps & racks that hopefully go with it.  It is a dually out back and should make for an excellent work/fun hauler.

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Credit to crazedclay on oppositelock.