1k: Zombie Proof: 1964 Mercury Park Lane Camper

The Mercury Park Lane was a full-sized sedan from Ford’s luxury division that slotted above the Monterey but below the Turnpike Cruiser.  The rear window in the Park Lane was called a breezeway window and could be lowered to allow a pleasant breeze in the cabin…or in the case of today’s feature, access to a..err..camper shell?  Find this 1964 Mercury Park Lane Camper offered for $1,500 in Surrey, Canada via craigslist.  Tip from Rene C.

It doesn’t get much more zombie-proof than a 7.0 liter V8 powered ‘Merican sedan with a truck camper shell grafted to the back like a scoliosis patient’s spinal brace.  The seller doesn’t explicitly state, but one can only hope that the breezeway window is intact and functioning because it would make a sweet limo-screen in this badboy.

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