Scruffy Trio: BMW E30 Baur Targa, E21 Baur Targa & 2002

This next feature could be a good deal for someone looking for a project, or it could be a total waste of time from a seller who thinks he has some kind of rare artifacts for sale.  The problem is that the seller doesn’t list a price, but the collection of cars certainly look cool – lets play spot the cool stuff.  Find this scruffy trio, a BMW E30 Baur Targa, E21 Baur Targa and 2002 offered for an undisclosed price somewhere in the San Fernando Valley, CA.  Tip from Einhander.

It really is a shame to post a listing that has no asking price, but this one has such an interesting collection of vehicles – and frankly it is unusual to see a single example of the Karosserie Baur modified Targa convertible 3-series, much less two of them in the same dusty garage.

4K-series white plates on the BMW 2002 mean it was registered for street use as recently as 1999, but the Baur Targa examples could be total heaps; it is hard to tell from the pics and zero info in the listing.  Gotta contact the seller on this one.

Update: These cars have been looked at by one of the regulars over at  Thanks for the info Tom!