5k: EcoSuck: 1962 Ford F100 Pickup

This next feature comes to us from a friend of the Daily Turismo who explains that he is selling his classic truck because he has picked up a van and needs the money for some custom air brush art scene on the side (maybe a Wizard, Centaur, Aztec ziggurat or all three?).  Anyway, time for seller Jeff G needs to sell his derelict pickup to afford his van for picking up derelicts.  Find this 1962 Ford F100 Pickup currently bidding for $3,500 with 4 days to go Oakland, CA.

Ford’s latest light duty pickup offerings use a green leaf emblazoned marketing ploy called EcoBoost to highlight their use of newfangled turbochargers, direct injection, quasi-miller cycle, and engine downsizing to achieved ecologically friendly motoring. This F100 uses something called EcoSuck which is the exact opposite of EcoBoost and uses a tremendous V8 to drain the earth’s reserve of fossil fuels so quickly that global warming will be moot in a few months.

What the heck were they thinking at Ford’s engine department in the 1950s.  Hey, lets wrap the exhaust from left bank to right by routing it around the front of the block next to the fuel line and water pump instead of running dual pipe.  Sure, lunch?  This is a 292 cubic inch Y-block V8 that was rated at 186 horsepower when new.

The interior of this pickup looks like a perfectly good place for home depot runs and it even has seat belts that could be used to secure child seats in place.  Looks perfectly useable for what it is.

The seller has even put some recent money into it, including:

-New (re-built) carb

-New windshield

-New fuel pump and lines (previous owner)

-New crossover pipe (quirk of the y-block engine)

-New front king pins and bushings.


-New front brake hoses

-New front shocks

-New front and rear brake shoes and wheel cylinders

picture from Fotor Motor Company

Just a quick image of what this pickup looked like when it left the Ford factory 52 years ago.  See a cooler old classic pickup?  tips@dailyturismo.com