10k: Big n Tall: 1970 Ford Galaxie XL 500

When Ford picked a name for their new full-sized offering in 1959, the discussion went like this, we need a name for a car that is bigger than a house, bigger than a city block, bigger than the country, bigger than the earth, bigger than the solar systemhow about a galaxy?  Yeah that is big, but let’s change the spelling to we don’t get sued.  Done. It is amazing that I could find the old transcript, but that’s the way it went down.  Find this  1970 Ford Galaxie XL 500 offered for $8,500 in Priest River, ID via craigslist.  Tip from Oldsmobuick.

By 1969 with the release of the 4th generation Galaxie, the over expanding universe had gotten even bigger and used an XL suffix (and the randomly large number–500) for additional emphasis on size.  The XL version had these wicked rear flying buttress inspired sail panels that simulated a fastback roof shape (and supernova sized blind spot), but maintained a typical coupe sized rear window.

Power in this plus sized 2-door comes from a 351 cubic inch Windsor V8 mated to a Cruise-o-Matic slushbox transmission.  Factory stock power would have been 250 horsepower and 355 ft-lbs of torque (SAE gross…ewww), but it should be a bit healthier with the few bolt-ons mentioned by the seller.

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