Thursday Twister: Favorite Movie Car

It is Thursday, so (surprisingly) DT’s weekly voyage into the dark and scary depths of the unknown, the Thursday Twister, is back.  This week we are going to put together a list of the best movie cars, starting with one of the best villain cars of all times.

There are all kinds of fastback Mustang movie cars that would probably be better for a daily driver, but Professor Fate’s Hannibal Twin 8 from The Great Race has got to be one of the best on screen cars all time.  Not only did it beat the Leslie Special in the New York to Paris race, but it had the most incredible set of custom parts from the pre Pimp-my-ride era.  Forget fish tanks, this thing has a giant glowing unit out front to melt snow, a set of scissors lift ride height adjustment system, and a cannon.  PRESS THE BUTTON MAX!!!

Now, put in your favorite movie car, just be sure to pick something that no-one else has suggested. 

Standard twister rules are as follows: 

1. Only one car per comment (be sure to hit the refresh button on your
browser before you post in case someone else has posted since you loaded
the page).  Do not nest the replies, just reply to the main post — if
you reply to someone elses comment it should be in reference to his
comment and not a new submission.

2. You can post again, but only after someone else posts another car.

3. The contest will end at Sunday, May 17, 4pm PST.

4. One submission per generation of each make/model.

5. Each car must be a car that was in a major motion picture…or made for TV movie…or a TV show…really it could be from one of your home movies, but you’d better paste a dang link. 

6. No anonymous submissions — pick a name with the Name/URL dropdown.

Ready…set…movie car!