Wood Are You Lookin At? 1967 Morgan 4/4 Series V

The Morgan Motor Car Company is a family owned British car builder that first started building V-twin powered 3-wheelers in 1911.  Somehow Morgan avoided the market consolidation mess that spawned the British Motor Corp, British Motor Holdings, British Leyland, and Rover Group– which practically bumped the British car building industry back into the stone ages.  A few standouts like Lotus, Morgan, and TVR avoided the short/easy route to the dark side via corporate sale, and are now joined but newcomers Ariel, Nobel, & Caterham, plus a liberated Aston Martin to allow the little Idaho sized island kingdom an interesting home grown auto industry.  However, truth be told, if I’m going to spend my money on something British, it is going to be a classic, like this 1967 Morgan 4/4 offered here on eBay for $22,000 buy-it-now or make-offer, located in Orosi, CA.

The 4/4 was released in 1936 as Morgan’s first 4-wheel car; the second 4 refers to the number of cylinders powering the wood framed classic.   The styling of the 4/4 didn’t change to chase the whims of the decades as years flew by, and you can still buy a 4/4 new from Morgan to this day.

This is a Series V 4/4, one of 639 built from 1963-1968 and powered by 65 horsepower 1.5 liter Ford 116E engine and four-speed gearbox borrowed from the Cortina. While termite jokes rule supreme in Morgan circles, the chassis (part that supports the wheels/engine/transmission) is made from conventional steel, but the frame (part that supports the body) is made from ash trees– a common old-school building technique from back in the day.

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