ElNorimono: 1971 Honda N600 Pickup

The Japanese N600 was the export version of the N360 kei car, a lightweight deathtrap city car designed to meet Japan’s Keijidosha (light cars) regulations which gave buyers a significant tax break, and easier license/registration requirements.  Today’s example has been morphed into a custom El Camino style pickup and it looks wicked.  Find this 1971 Honda N600 Pickup offered for $9,450 in Granite Falls, WA via craigslist.  Tip from Anonymous, a person, not the hacker collective…

The N600 was Honda’s first car to be offered in the US market way back in 1969, and was available as a 2-door hatchback, although there was a 2-door van version that offered a marginally larger cargo area.  Today’s customized pickup version allows  you to stack your cargo as high and wide as you feel comfortable. 

The N600 left the factory with a 600cc two-cylinder 4-stroke engine that put out something in the neighborhood of 40 horsepower, giving the 1100 lb mini a top speed of 77 mph.  It won’t win any awards for being fast, but it’ll take a classic mini in a cute contest most days of the week.

The cargo bed on this one looks surprisingly well thought out — it even has a functioning tailgate and some kind of bedliner.  I bet someone in the comments can figure out where those tail lights were stolen from.

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