Service For Eight: 1993 Buick Roadmaster Estate

The Roadmonster is one of those polarizing cars that isn’t universally loved by all car guys.  Many folks don’t understand the appeal of a body-on-frame people hauler that offers the fuel economy of a Greyhound bus and the road manners of a cruise ship.  However, for the people who fondly remember station wagons of yesteryear, it is the best example of a 1960s car that was built through the 1990s.  Find this 1993 Buick Roadmaster Estate offered for $999 via hemmings. Tip from Douglas.

Buick started using the Roadmaster name on a Fireball straight-8 powered behemoth that apparently named itself on the first test on the open highway.  Fast forward a half a century later and the Roadmaster name was applied to Buick’s version of the B-body Caprice — available in both sedan (yawn…boring) and estate (yaaayy!!) trim.

In truth this isn’t really the Roadmaster that you want — the 1991-1993 cars used the less than stellar L03/L05 V8 — this one has the 5.7 liter version that puts out 180 horsepower (versus the 1994-1996 Roadmaster that uses an LT1 for 260 hp) into an automatic transmission.  However…for less than 10 Benjamins, don’t expect to find any LT1 Roadmonsters.

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