Rebadged Morris: 1968 Austin Minor Quarter Ton Pickup

Morris sold their Minor series as a closed vans and open flat-bed (pick-up) versions in production from 1953 through 1973. These commercial versions, initially known as the Morris Quarter Ton Van and Pick-up, were later designated as Series III from 1956 and eventually renamed the Morris 6cwt Van and Pickup when the 1098cc engine was introduced in 1962, with 8cwt variants added in 1968. BMC’s commitment to offering complete commercial vehicle ranges to both Austin and Morris led to the sale of Austin-badged Minor van and pick-up variants, distinguishable primarily by Austin branding and the corporate Austin ‘crinkle-cut’ radiator grille, while retaining the same features as the standard Minor commercial models, marketed as the Austin 6cwt and Austin 8cwt. The cwt is short for “hundredweight” which is a classic British unit of weight for the capacity of heavy goods vehicles, where an 8cwt could carry 8/20ths of 0.4 tons or 400 kilograms. Find this 1968 Austin Minor Quarter Ton Pickup offered for $9,700 in Leominster, MA via craigslist. Tip from ME.

From the seller:

Rare barn find, has been in storage for 41 years. 1968 RHD Austin-Morris pick up for sale. These super rare Austin pick ups were never sold in the USA. This gem was imported by the previous owner in the early 80’s, driven for a year, and then put in storage. Great condition and very complete. Engine runs strong and shifts well. It has new tires, new distributor, new battery, oil change, plugs etc. Repainted at some point but needs paint (current “patina” is presentable for a driver). Has original jack, tools, ribs/tonneau cover, and hi-top canvas bed cover. It had new brakes and hardware when stored but were frozen when I purchased it, the wheel cylinders will need work. Stops only with the emergency brake. Therefore will have to be towed and can not be driven. $9700.
The commercial versions of these trucks were marketed as the Morris Quarter Ton Van and Pick-up. Pretty much everyone refers to the Morris-shaped vans and pick-ups as “Morris Minors,” even though the term was never officially used on these commercial vehicles. In 1968 (March) the 1098cc engine was introduced in the 6cwt (P/U) and 8cwt (van) versions and were purchased with ‘Austin’ badges and branding. These came about because the A35 van was discontinued and another small RWD Austin van was needed. They were sold solely through the remaining Austin-only dealerships within the BMC network. They were never imported into the U.S.
Branding was limited to the Austin bonnet and steering wheel badges, the corporate “crinkle-cut” radiator grille, and plain hubcaps. Otherwise they were identical to the standard Minor. They were sold as the Austin 6cwt or Austin 8cwt.
Current NADA values: LOW retail = $10k
AVERAGE retail = $20,700
HIGH retail = $30,300

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