Prinz of Darkness: 1958 NSU Sport Prinz Custom

The NSU Prinz was a little air cooled rear engine powered oddball that was built in West Germany from 1958 through 1962.  Even the sporty fastback Sport Prinz version wasn’t particularly quick in any sporting competition, but this next example isn’t your grandfather’s Prinz.  Find this 1958 NSU Sport Prinz Custom here on eBay offered for $3,000 buy-it-now in Greeley, CO with 2 days to go.

The first thing that alerts the seller that this isn’t an original condition Prinz is the fact that a 4.6 liter Pontiac V6 sits most of the way proud of the original hood.  The wrong kind of engine sits in the wrong spot making an oddly specific 532 horsepower, but it puts the car through the trap at 126 mph and 10.8 seconds in the 1/4 mile. 

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