Vermin SUV: 2001 Ford Explorer Rat Rod

Despite what owners think, Rat Rodding isn’t anything new.  In 1972, Rod & Custom Magazine dedicated a whole issue to the “beater,” aka the low-budget alternative to slick customized cars. Few Rat Rods of today fit into that category as many are highly customized and labor intensive works of art. Look hard enough though, and you can still find home grown examples of acquired taste.  Find this 2001 Ford Explorer Rat Rod for sale in Nanaimo, BC Canada for $3,500 CDN via Kijiji.

Technically not a Rat Rod, someone here decided to graft 1953 F100 parts onto a 2001 Ford Explorer donor. Overall, the idea does not seem like a bad one…but it does beg the question “why”?? Mounting a tilting front clip from the ’53 F100 onto a newer SUV would have been a challenge in itself.  Adding the rear step-side flares was another feat of heroics.

Obviously the pictures were taken at different stages of the project.  It isn’t clear if the added intake snorkels are actually functional or tack-welded to the hood. The patina effect is lost with the white paint and I am not really sure how the builder was planning to deal with that glaring detail.

Ingenuity isn’t the first thing that comes to mind here, but the effort put in to date is surely a testament to the builder’s determination. Continuing with mods could produce something reasonable; the basic bones seem to be in place. An experienced custom car builder might see a diamond in the rough here.

What you say?  Good idea, bad execution?  Unsung visionary?  Too many wobbly pops and late Friday nights?

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