One of a Kind: 1970 Triumph Spitfire

The phrase “nothing like it on the road” gets tossed around by car dudes like “rare”, “custom” or “stock”, but this next feature made me do a triple take.  It looks like a someone hot rodded a 30s fire truck?  Find this 1970 Triumph Spitfire custom offered for $5,990 in West Los Angeles, CA via craigslist.

On a typical custom car, you can see the basic form of the donor vehicle sitting under a few modified pieces of metal…but here we’ve got something where the original Triumph Spitfire is completely missing from the image.

One can only assume that the original 1.3 liter inline-4 still lives somewhere under the custom sheet metal hood/bonnet enclosure.  I am really curious to see the seller’s pictures from “the process”.

See a better way to drive a red car?