Mid Week Match-Up: Longroof For Doctordel

This week’s we’ve got a Mid Week Match-Up request from longtime DT commenter Doctordel:

An unfortunate and significant shift in my domestic situation has me
looking for a people-mover that will accommodate two preteen boys and
their attendant lacrosse gear and guitars. I find myself scouring CL for
reliable yet interesting transportation but my aim is pretty scattered.
I am inexplicably drawn to wagons (duh) but this purchase must be a
smart one that won’t wind up leaving my boys stranded after the lights
get shut off at the fields twice a week. And, no, I can’t use my 1800es
as their mother and I agree that airbags are a good thing for risk

So, my checklist reads:


-interesting and/or fun

-domestic or foreign, doesn’t matter

-delivered for $7k or less (!) after negotiating

-manual preferred

-bonus points for longroofs

Wadayasay, y’all? Can you sharpen my focus a smidge? Thank you! -Doctordel

DT: Here is our suggestion — pick up a used police/fire SUV — this 2013 Ford Explorer Interceptor Utility found here on eBay bidding for $11,600 with a few hours to go is a good example, but it is being sold by a seller who knows what he is doing — if you get them directly from the city auction, or an older model you can get them cheaper. 

What you do get in this case is a 2 year old Explorer with 3.7 liter V6, steel wheels, and a 6-spd auto with column shifter — where EVERY auto shifter belongs — the fact that 99% of autos have shifter in console is a stupid waste of space.  It’ll fit plenty of kids and equipment — but the best part is on the inside.

Check it out — durable cloth seats and an easy scrub interior.  Next time those snot nosed kids eat cheetos in the car, or your precious newborn gets sick all over the interior — it isn’t a problem with a car that is used to hauling inebriated adults around.  Maybe you could get one of those cages to keep the kids in the back seat…?

Another option (within the price range) if you like your SUVs in the body-on-frame variety is a 2009 Explorer ex-police car offered for $7,900 in Miami, but you get the idea.  

What would you recommend for doctordel? Comments below.