Maki Some Noise: Follow-up on a Unique and Rare Breed

We get some good email to the Daily Turismo tips account (I’m talking about the random folks asking in ALL CAPS “DEAR DAILYTUORIGMO – HOW DO I BUY YOUR MERCEDES, IS IT STILL FOR SALE, HOW MUCH IS MINIMUM YOU TAKE?”) and then we get some excellent email…such as an email from Mr FixItKirk.  FixItKirk was responding to an article published some time ago about a little known and obscure amphibious car called the Maki.  At the time of publishing we didn’t know squat about the Maki, in fact we simply said “this latest car has us in a bit of an information black hole” and then proceeded to ridicule the seller’s poor grammar…etc etc..its the basic DT formula – why do I feel the need to keep repeating myself…wait, don’t click BLOCK SITE FOREVER on your firewall just yet…keep reading..

Mr FixItKirk was nice enough to send us the following information and pictures of the Maki which we are republishing for your viewing pleasure.

The Maki M28 was manufactured in Wickham Cte. Drummond P Que By a company called FCM Ltee.  I
own 2 1972 Maki M28s If you go to you tube channel THEMAKI2011 or type
in Maki M28 in your you tube search and you will find 5 vidios   Backing
into the Res is the car on the water run time about 4 minutes and
travelled about 100 feet per minute.  Must run in reverse for stearing
and if you come aground or exiting the water you need the 2 wheel rear
drive to exit the water.

A Maki in the kiddy pool.  Please, no kids in pool at the same time…at least not the kids you like…maybe the neighbor’s kids.

I even had the Owners manual until someone stole my briefcase and I lost it with the case.
were sold down the street from me and I am the third owner of the
orange maki and the third owner of the silver maki I found
in the woods
, It had been there for 25 years and there are probably
only about 600 Manufactured in 1972 and there is no information available anywhere. 


The Town Manager of Woodstock New Brunswick use to sell the maki in 72.   My Orange maki will do 65 miles an hour on the highway and 69 miles an hour down an old woods road.  I have had it everywhere and it turns more heads than a Harley.

I love my Maki and would not sell it for any amount of money.   The orange maki is all origional and only has 1445 miles on it and the silver maki has 2563 mies on it and I will customize it by making it a 4 wheel drive with a jet ski propultion for in the water and i will call it my Waki Maki.

Kirk L (FixItKirk)

We would like to heartily thank Kirk for his information and pictures of his Makis – and we can tell that he is a fellow gear-head (4WD Maki – yes please!!) and daredevil (65mph in a Maki — yes please!).  If you have a similar story to share about a rare/unique model with some photos – please feel free to email them to us; we promise to keep the ridicule to minimum.