It Ain’t Easy Bein’ Green: 1970 Ford F250 Sport Custom Camper

The there is something about the sight of an old American pickup truck that makes even the crankiest old bastard crack a smile…and a wood-sided camper shell will make that crack turn into the San Andres fault….because you can find no fault in this next beast. Find this 1970 Ford F250 Sport Custom Camper here on eBay bidding for $3,600 in Canyon Creek, MT with 2 days to go.

 From the seller:

For sale: 1970 Ford F250 Sport Custom Camper Special survivor. This truck was purchased new by an older gentleman and WWII veteran I used to work with. Bob was a cool guy, a fussy engineer, and former Navy gunner on a TBF Avenger. When he retired, he and his wife and used the truck to haul a camper around the western US and Canada. He passed away about 10 years ago, and the truck went to his granddaughter and her husband. They used it sparingly as an occasional dump runner and backup vehicle for a time. I saw it sitting in their driveway this summer and pulled in to chat. Seems it hadn’t run for a while, and she was ready for it to go to the next caretaker. As a retired engineer with an old truck hobby, I took it upon myself to get it cleaned up and running, and pass it along to someone who’d care for it as Bob did. The truck is highly optioned, with factory A/C, PS, PB, dual tanks, etc. It’s a well-documented, mostly original survivor. Paperwork includes the original build sheet, warranty papers, manuals, and a stack of receipts. Original jack, handle and lug wrench still present as is original spare tire carrier under the truck. Nice tight driving truck, doors close like a bank vault. Should make a fun ride to the Home Depot on Saturday mornings, or to the Steak N Shake with the wife. It will draw a crowd at either.  I’ll do my best to describe this unique and special truck below, PLEASE see the Photobucket album link with over 80 pics including the underside in the description.

Exterior: Mostly original Boxwood green paint in good condition. Still shines and presents well. Pure 1970s. Roof has been resprayed and paint is cracking in a few spots on top, not noticeable. Has the usual scratches here and there. Straight old truck with a few dents in hood, passenger door and front fender from a memorable encounter with a tree at a campground. I haven’t tried to do anything with them, may be able to use a paintless dent remover to straighten. See pics. Dry truck with little rust and no rot, owing to the arid high desert climate here in central Montana. Only external rust is a small spot at bottom of driver front fender under molding where mud built up and held moisture. There was some underside corrosion, I treated any surface rust areas with converter and any rust-thru was cut out and patched (couple spots on floors and one floor support). Not a pro job, but fine for a driver, and should last the life of the truck. Thankfully, here out west we don’t see frame rot or the dreaded rust in the seam of the box. There is some light surface rust on box floor as shown. No pitting on the chrome, glass is good, and period topper shown is included and in good condition. Original stainless hub caps are in good condition. Just an honest old truck, PLEASE see linked Photobucket album for pics including underside.

Interior: Mostly original in decent driver condition. Some tears in original seat upholstery under the blanket cover, and some cracks in dash under the mat. Headliner is good and carpet is new. Door panels in good condition, could use armrests, they are available from LMC and others. Original owner added oil and amp gauges to replace idiot lights, typical engineer. Clean enough for the wife to ride in!

Mechanical: Starts, runs, and drives out well. 175k highway miles, tight nice truck that drives and feels like 75k. Original 360 was upgraded to a 1972 390 at about 125k miles and C-6 trans was rebuilt around the same time, so figure about 50k miles on drivetrain. No smoke, noises, or major leaks. Truck drives tight and nice. It sat for the last few years, I drained the gas and replaced fuel filters and fuel hoses and it fired up and ran great. Currently running off the main tank only, auxiliary works but not connected. Will probably need further sorting as it’s driven more. I think everything works, lights, gauges, radio, etc, save for the A/C. System is complete and all components are there and it blows cool, but not ice cold. Heater blower motor squeaks a bit when first turned on. Tires are old and weather checked and need replaced. The rims are the original 16.5 wheels. It is an old truck, and as such it’s not perfect and will need work from time to time, so if you haven’t messed around with vintage trucks, adjust your expectations accordingly

Pricing/Misc:  This truck is NO RESERVE and will sell. It runs and drives, but flying in and driving it home probably isn’t advisable, as Montana is a huge state with many remote areas with no cell service or roadside assistance. Reasonable transport is available, I will drive truck to meet your transporter and help load it. Title is clear and in my name, buyer will need to get insurance upon purchase as I will cancel mine. Truck can stay here for 30 days, after that $100/month storage will be due. 

LINK TO ADDITIONAL PICS INCLUDING UNDERSIDE  (copy and paste) – just ask if you need more.

There are over 80 pics, let me know if you have problems viewing them all.

See a better way to relive the 70s?