Green Hornet’s Nest: 1959 Lincoln Capri

In 1959 the entry level Lincoln was this monster beast called the Capri, but it shared much of its DNA with the Mark  IV, Continental, and Premier.  You might be shocked to discover that this thing was built with unibody construction, but you won’t be surprised to hear it was one of the largest passenger vehicles to ever hit the road at almost 19 feet long.  Find this 1959 Lincoln Capri offered for $1200 in Columbus, OH.

This Capri is much more than a big pile of 5,000 lbs of metal, it is a moveable piece of American history — a miniature Statue of Liberty you can park on your lawn.  The Capri was designed by John Najjar under the guidance of George Walker and Elwood Engel and while it didn’t have the breezeway window or higher end accoutrements of the Continental, it shared much of the styling and greasy bits.

Under the hood is a 430 cubic inch Ford MEL (Mercury / Edsel / Lincoln) V8 rated at 350 horsepower  and 490 ft-lbs of torque.  The seller states that the brakes are locked up, but no word on the condition of the engine/trans.

See a cooler big green beast?  Originally seen on oppositelock.