Survived: 1976 Jaguar XJ6 Coupe

There is a fine line between a survivor car and one that has somehow managed to survive…so far.  This next car might blur that line a bit and has survived because it is rare/desireable, but…will the next owner be forced to restore it?  Find this 1976 Jaguar XJ6 Coupe offered for $4,500 in Norco, CA.  Tip from FuelTruck.

The Series II Jaguar XJ continued the tradition of its predecessor as the quintessential British saloon car from the
1970s.  Jaguar sold a coupe version of the XJ from 1976 through 1978
but it was overshadowed and outsold by the modern
looking XJ-S released in 1976.  Needless to the say that makes the 9,400 car run of XJ coupes somewhat rare and the market demands a premium…unless it looks like a bunch of cost for the next owner.

A little bit of rust/patina adds character to a survivor, but when you get rust in spots that are difficult to fix, it becomes an issue and the car will need an expensive restoration. Rust in the middle of a door panel (or rockers) is relatively easy to patch, but rust in the windshield mounting lip is going to be a much bigger issue — you’ll have to remove the windshield, dash, reform metal, so you’ve got to budget hours of high dollar labor for the rust you can see…plus 100% more.  Could you drive this thing for a year or two and just sell as is? Sure…but if that rust gets any worse, you might find yourself looking at a big repair bill before someone will take it off your hands. 

[Ed CFlo: I repaired very similar windshield frame / cowl rust in my beige Volvo 242, using junkyard donor sheetmetal, a dremel tool, a MIG welder, and a few weekends. Largest cost by far was for the new windshield that went in to replace the pitted original. DIY cost was under $300 (not counting the welder) so this fetching XJC looks mighty tempting to me despite, or perhaps due to, the rust.]

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