Buyer Success Story: 1985 Volvo 245 DL Wagon

A few weeks back we featured a 1985 Volvo 245 DL wagon with 4-speed+OD manual gearbox sold by the original owner for a single bit coin (or $1000).  This car was picked up by DT reader Andrew M for his son (who picked the Volvo over a 4X4 Toyota pickup – great kid!) and it looks like another happy tale of cheap motoring for a family man.

Andrew sent us the following nice note:

Hi DT,

Thanks for posting my Toyota, it did well on eBay! Finally
here is a pic of the Volvo I purchased for my son…that’s him in front
of it, get his license next week (hopefully!)

The transaction was great, the selling owner was very
pleasant, and his father (the previous owner) even showed up to say
goodbye to the Volvo that served as a first car for all 3 of his kids.

I drove the car back to Reno, NV, about 250 miles without any
problems. It had a sweet smelling heater and loud fan, so first thing
done was to replace the heater core and new blower fan to battle the
cold mornings here. It still has issues with the push button overdrive
that we will need to address before anymore long trips, but I expect to
get a lot miles out of this rig. Very happy with the purchase and I
still am on the site numerous times a day looking for my next purchase
as my current daily driver has 275,000 miles (1995 Infiniti J30.)



Every time we can help a parent get his/her son/daughter into a Volvo wagon with 5-speed instead of a slushbox equipped Toyota Camry we consider it a job well done.  One more gearhead in the world and one less mindless automaton driving 55 in the fast lane.

We are sending a few DT stickers to Andrew (and his kid) and hope to see more stories from readers like this one.

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