10k: Done Right: 1971 Datsun 240Z V8

The Datsun 240Z ushered in the era of the Japanese sports car and while it wasn’t as maniac as the later Skylines, Evolutions, 300Zs, and such that made headlines for Japanese performance, it was the first mass market car from the Land of the Rising Sun to get everything right.  Its combination of nimble chassis, communicative steering, ass-on-the-ground seating and cool styling could only be made better by upping the power with a V8 from a Corvette; and no one finds the best engine swapped classics like the mad men over at MotoeXotica.  Find this 1971 Datsun 240Z V8 for sale in St Louis, MO currently bidding for $7,000 reserve-not-met with 3 days to go.

The 240Z rides on a set of vintage appropriate Minilite alloy wheels in a reasonable (?)15-inch size and a width that looks almost stock.  The offset racing strip just screams 1960s racer and fits the character of this car perfectly.

 This 240Z has had its 2.4 liter inline-6 ditched in favor of a 327 cubic inch (5.4 liter) small block that should put out something around 300 horsepower with stock parts and tune.  The 240Z should be considerably faster with double the stock horsepower and while this writers preference would be a 5-speed manual, the auto is probably great in traffic or for simple cruising.

Driving a 240Z is an experience similar to flying an airplane, you sit low in the cockpit and your rear end is just above the car’s rear end.  The front wheels seem to be miles away from you and the feeling of yaw during turn-in is amplified due to the rear biased seating position.

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