Bitchin’ Camaro: 1988 Chevy Camaro V8 5-Speed

If you went to high school in the 1990’s, there were certain cars that we all wanted but few got. The really cool kids found a way to swing a Camaro. For those of us who couldn’t, here is a great chance to make a teenage dream a reality for a decent price.  Find this 1988 Chevy Camaro 5-Speed for sale in Kansas City, MO for $4,700 via craigslist.

No, this isn’t the IROC-Z package, but all the real car guys knew that you couldn’t get the 350-powered Z with a stick. You would definitely get the requisite cool-guy points with this car and its 5-speed transmission, though. While this 5.0 looks to be the TBI rated at only 170HP, it had the torque to spin ’em with a little clutch work.

Want to go faster? A swap to a more worthy SBC is a breeze and all the linkage and clearances are there to upgrade your tranny, if needed.  Luckily, nobody has souped this car up yet and it looks like it is clean and well taken care of. In the midwest, most ‘maro’s of this vintage are rusted hulks that have seen more drunken burnouts than the Tip-Top lounge.  

Here is a view of what looks like a pretty clean cabin and 8-ball shifter. This is in stark contrast to the usual crime-scene interiors you are greeted with when viewing 3rd gen Camaro ads on Craigslist. Enough logical arguments for buying this car, though. How does it make you feel?  

Time to make a decision that would would meet the approval of your teenage self. Buy it.   

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