7k: A Pair of Starion-Crossed Turbos: 1989 Mitsubishi Starion, 2JZ-powered

Press the throttle a few inches in a normal Mitsubishi Starion (or Dodge/Chrysler/Plymouth Conquest) and you’ll get lag, followed by nice sounds, and then adequate thrust. However, “adequate” is one of those relative terms, like “sanity,” in that it’s always open for interpretation. Where a 2.6 liter 4G54 Astron engine once trundled in this Starion is now under authority by the twin-turbo, 3-liter legend, the 2JZ-GTE. And it comes with a classy maroon headliner. Find this 1989 Mitsubishi Starion with Supra inline-6 in Orlando, FL for $6,995 with five days to go via eBay.


The Starquest/Conion (Annyong?) never hurt for power, even when held up against one of its angular, force-fed, rear-drive contemporaries. Some, like this one, even had the Sports Handling Package’s adjustable suspension and wider wheels. For the speed-hungry, a V8 swap is a safe bet, but it’s hard to beat the packaging and potential of one of Toyota’s greatest engines. Horsepower leaps from 176 to at least 400 with an upgraded turbo, fuel system, and engine management system. A Turbo 400 automatic transmission is not the track rat’s choice, although that depends on what track. We’re promised this Staryota will chirp the tires into second gear and should lay enough rubber to keep the Michelin Man in business.

The build is a somewhat ambitious endeavor, requiring an alleged 100+ hours of labor. The stock fuel tank underwent custom sump work to coordinate with twin Bosch fuel pumps, and a custom driveshaft connects the upgraded transmission to the aforementioned chirpy rear wheels. Although the pictures and details are limited, the buyer can expect a leaky steering assembly and some superficial flaws in a car that should devour dragstrips, drama-free.

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PhiLOL actually likes the tuna here, but abhors structural rust. Save the manuals.