5k: Whatta Creampuff: 1986 Pontiac Fiero GT

At the time, it seemed like a no-brainer.  Build a lightweight, two seat, plastic body sports car with an assortment of reliable inline-4 and V6 engines from the GM parts bin.  What could possibly go wrong?  For starters, the base engine was the underpowered and unloved Iron Duke, the entire car could catch fire if you ran out of oil, the heads would crack leading to more fire if oil reached the hot catalyst and the suspension was stolen from the Chevette/Citation parts bins.  In short, a lot could go wrong, but it is still the only mass produced American mid-engine car ever built and ultra low mile examples are cheap…and that isn’t wrong at all.  Find this 1986 Pontiac Fiero GT offered for $5,900 in Chelsea, AL via craigslist.  Tip from Justin.

Although this Fiero isn’t the desirable 1988 model with redesigned suspension and 4-wheel vented disc brakes, it is a GT with manual transmission.  With 57k miles on the odometer, it is also one of the lower mile Fieros you’ll find for sale but isn’t being offered for some ridiculous king’s ransom price of  $18k for it.

Behind the driver’s seat is a 2.8 liter V6 pushing out 140 horsepower and 160 ft-lbs of torque via a 4-speed Muncie sourced transaxle.  You can tell this is an early ’86 Fiero because the car got a 5-speed transmission half way through the year…but, I can personally attest from driving the Draken that 4-speeds rule.

The interior of this GT is really well kept and would probably be the highlight of the Fierosperience. I’ve spent some time recently inside a 37k mile Fiero that a friend owned/drove for a few years and can say that it really isn’t a bad layout.  The driver sits low and is surrounded by a very driver centric gauge cluster and the shifter is high and in a good place for fast shifting. 

The bottom line is that this doesn’t cost much more than a common basket case Fiero, so when the wreck-to-whip ratio is this favorable, it really makes sense to buy the whip.  tips@dailyturismo.com