5k: Sophisticated: 1968 Mercedes-Benz 250S W108

It might take a big wad to cash to be considered rich, but it only takes one old depreciated pile of rusting German metal out front to make it look like you are rich, and for some folks, that’s half the battle.  Find this 1968 Mercedes-Benz 250S W108 offered for $5,000 buy-it-now here on eBay located in Gilbert, AZ.

For better or worse the Mercedes-Benz W108 is on DT’s short list of good
classic sedans to own and drive.  Most W108s are either
minty clean museum pieces and mouse eaten monsters — this one looks squarely in the middle of the road.  The paint shines nicely, almost too nicely to be the original Mercedes applied single stage paint, but if it is original paint, I’d say she is a keeper.

Under the hood is Mercedes 2.5 liter straight six (MN129, that would have been rated at 150 horsepower and 159 ft-lbs of torque, although the seller identifies it as a 2.8 liter engine with 180hp in the eBay description.  The weber carburetor setup looks well done and should be an improvement over the original Zenith carb setup.

On the inside you’ve got a nice cherry red interior, custom cabbie-style floormats, a few cracks in the dash, and the wonderful thin spoked W108 steering wheel with rim-blow horn and padded center section. 

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