Coffee Brake: Future Classics

For this week’s Coffee Brake (where the beans are in the sink and the cups are roasted) I invite you to put on your swami hat and play a little game called predicting the future.  What inexpensive car, for sale in dealer lot today, will be a future classic?  It would be easy for all of us to simply point at some fancy limited edition Ferrari and predict it will be a future classic, so instead we will limit the hunt to affordable cars.  What is affordable?  You make the call.  

I’m going with the $35k Volkswagen Golf R because it has all the makings of a future collectible.  First, VW has a huge collection of younger fanboys who are going to have a 401k and disposable income someday.  Like the madness that happens in big tent auctions with muscle cars today, those same folks will drop massive coin on the dub of their dreams….not now, but sometime in the future.  Add that pent up future demand to a limited production run, and the Golf R (and both previous R32 generations) is going to be worth something someday. 

What do you think is going to be a future classic? Comments below.