5k: People Carrier: 1962 Chevrolet Suburban Armbruster-Stageway Limousine

The list of vehicles with seating for 18 people that you’d ever want to own is limited.  Used buses, trolleys, and airport shuttles jump to the top of this list, but heavy duty vehicles come with heavy duty repair costs and commercial registration complications.  The next best thing is to pick up a long wheelbase Ford/Chevy/Chrysler full-sized van…but those seem like you’ve given up on life…instead consider a converted classic limousine with more doors than the Ed Sullivan show.  Find this 1962 Chevrolet Suburban Armbruster-Stageway Limousine currently bidding for $5,231 reserve-not-met on ebay with a 5 days to go, located in Jackson, WY.

This vehicle started life as a simple Chevrolet Suburban, but Armbruster-Stageway (first established in 1880 in Arkansas to build stage coaches for pioneers heading west) added a few sets of doors and stretched the wheel base considerably.  Information on the Armbruster conversions is somewhat limited on the internet, but a different ebay seller is offering a vintage sales sheet/brochure for the 1964 model year here.

The current seller of this limo has removed the original manual transmission (seen in the photo above) and outfitted it with an automatic, as well as potentially installed a “new” 350 cubic inch V8 – but the ad is skimpy on details.

Inside this thing is huge and with 5 rows of seats it will comfortably transport a large family or (you and your drinking buddies) on sumptuous scarlet velour seats from the Tickle Me Elmo skin collection.

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