5k: Deal of the Week: 1973 Volvo 1800ES

Okay, I know what you are thinking.  Another bloody Volvo.  Really DT?  You can’t find anything to do other than search for Snow White’s coffins?  I swear, this is it.  This is the last Volvo 1800 that we will feature…this week.  Probably.  Unless we find another one featured at almost half price relative to the market.  This one will blow-your-mind. Find this 1973 Volvo 1800ES offered for $6,700 or best offer in Blountville, TN via hemmings.com.

The truth is that on a normal day Hemmings isn’t the best place to find the diamond in the rough examples of cheap classics that we prefer.  While many of the cars on Hemmings have dents on the hood from falling monocles and tweed jacket scuffing on the driver’s seat bolster, you can get lucky and find a well priced example…and this one seems really well priced.

Based on the pictures alone, this 1800ES would easily be a $10k car, but part of the puzzle of the price lies right here: “but keep in mind, my knowledge of this car is limited.”  Perhaps in this area of Tennessee it may be the only funny looking Swedish
hatchbacky-thing for hundreds of miles in any direction and no one knows
what it is.  What does it eat? I dunno, better get rid of it.

Even in these blurry shots you can see that all of the factory sheet metal
seams look correct and haven’t been slathered with bondo. The front
rocker area where the front fender meets the rocker under the door looks
intact, which is a small miracle for these cars. On the driver’s side
anyways. The seam under the front turn signal where the fender joins the
cowl is visible and correct.

Now, on to the ugly part of buying a car that is offered via an estate sale. The seller is certainly dealing with the loss of his
father and is probably grieving and just plain not familiar with the
market for these cars.  Get his name, then look up for an obit on the father.  If you find
the father’s obit you know how long the car’s been sitting.  Maybe you can even find references to the car on a Tennessee Volvo forum – who knows, the point is; use google and do your research. Try
to find out who would have been the likely service point, except be aware they might snatch it out from under you.

Bottom line; somebody is going to buy this car and get a great deal.  Will it be you or will it show up in 3 weeks from a dealer in the rust belt with a $6k markup?  tips@dailyturismo.com