5k: NICECAR: 1979 Dodge Magnum

Do not attempt to adjust your TV set.  The images you see are indeed correct, this is a Dodge Magnum, just not the Magnum that lives on a Chrysler LX platform  and shares components with the Mercedes W202 and W211 platforms.  This car dates from the first time that Dodge used the Magnum name and was the last hurrah for the Chrysler B-body, the stalwart of awesomeness that underpinned the Dart, Coronet, Fury, Charger, Cordoba and finally…the Magnum.  Find this 1979 Dodge Magnum for sale in East SF Bay, CA for $7,450 via craigslist.  Tip from KBZ. 

Although it shares a striking similarity with GM’s Grand Prix, the Magnum was built as Chrysler’s full sized NASCAR coupe and in part to allow Richard Petty to continue running the iconic number 43 on a Mopar powered stock car for a few more years before switching to the bow-tie power for his 7th and final Sprint Cup championship.  The Magnum itself was a big hulking 4000 lb beast of a two door, an aging opera window equipped dinosaur stuck in a world filled with nimble and more economical raptor sized imports.  The Magnumasaurus went extinct at the end of the 1979 model year.

You aren’t going to find a clutch pedal in a street version of the Magnum, as they were all equipped with a torqueflite A727 (sounds like something from Boeing!) slushbox.  The 360 cubic inch LA-series V8 with 170 horsepower and 280 ft-lbs of torque.

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