5k: City Survivor: 1983 Honda Civic Sport Hatchback

 The second generation Honda Civic was a little sedan built from 1980-1983 that made a big impression on buyers.  It offered fantastic fuel economy, rugged build quality and room for a small family for a fair price.  The Civic could be accused of being slow, but it handled decently enough for a front driver, especially in the Sport edition and could be driven with a 5-speed gearbox. Find this 1983 Honda Civic Sport offered for $4,300 in Scotts Valley, CA.  Tip from KBZ.

This is a California blue plate car, being sold by the second owner with original paint and original interior – you’d have to wear a grass skirt and huddle in the rain to get much more survivor than this.   It is funny that these cars are now 30 years old because it seems like only yesterday when they were new in showrooms, but this one looks surprisingly good for its age and asking price.

Under the hood is a  1.5 liter CVCC (Compound Vortex Controlled Combustion) EM-series inline-4 that puts out 69 horsepower and offers great fuel economy.  The 12-valve engine is equipped with a single 3-barrel carb and is attached to a 5-speed manual in this Sport version.

The interior of this Civic looks in good shape compared to most of the examples you will find, even the original stock green skull shift knob is still in great shape.  Perhaps some skull speaker boxes, skull washer nozzle tips and a skull keychain could be found to finish the look.

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