5k: Baby Pistons: 1993 Mazda MX-3

 The Mazda MX-3 was a sporty 2+2 hatch that used much of the BG platform (Familia/323/Protegé) functional parts.  The thing that set Mazda’s little CRX/GTI hunter apart was the the
addition of an optional high revving (7,800 rpm) 1.8 liter V6.  That is not a typo, it came with a V6 that was smaller than most inline-4 cylinder engines at the time — and this particular MX-3 is not the average ridden hard and put away wet example.  Find this 1993 Mazda MX-3 offered for $3,300 in Carlisle, PA

Most of the MX-3s on the market are total pieces of junk, but this one is a surprising 40k mile find in the heart of the rust belt.  For a 20 year old car from Pennsylvania, this thing looks really nice under the hood and the seller does not mention any rust — it was probably  in a garage (or Florida) during the winter.

The revv happy motor under the hood Mazda’s K8-DE, a 1.8 liter DOHC 24 Valve 60 degree V6 that pushes 130 horsepower at 6,500 rpm into the front wheels.  Unfortunately this particular car uses the option 4-speed automatic gearbox instead of the 5-speed manual.  It seems that most 5-speed examples are being turned into race cars or canoe stands

The interior on the kammback 4 seater is decently spacious for the total vehicle footprint, but is filled with mostly low rent hard plastics and cheap cloth.  The huge rear glass hatch adds a ton of usability while maintaining agreeable visibility. 

See a MX-3 with low miles AND a 5-speed?  tips@dailyturismo.com