Mid Week Match-Up: A Bavarian For iNteloper

Camels rejoice! It’s hump day!  Here at DT, that means time for another Mid Week Match-Up (TM)! Today’s match-up comes from an e-mail request from iNteloper who is located in Denver and looking for some 90s BMW style for his garage.  First he said some nice words about DT being “the bestest site on the interwebs since wikileaks became a plumbing supply affiliate” (I paraphrased that last part) and continued…

“I was wondering how to “ask” the DT community
at large what the best “E” series (E34,36,38) BMW would be for a person
just entering the BMW scene.  I have been wrenching on
cars/trucks/motor cycles all my life but and getting an itch for
something a bit more foreign if you know what I mean.”

We asked iNteloper for a few more details on his requirements for the car, his reply:

Speed.   all (or most of it)

Handling. as much as possible.

Comfort.  Really?  I currently own a 1969 Karmann Ghia slammed on it’s (her) nutts.

Reliability.  I don’t know what that is.  foriegn language.

Inital Cost.  Hrmm….?  5k or one of my kids possibly.

Future Appriciation.  Really?  That happens?  Your kidding…. right?

Prestige/Snob Appeal.  Dunno but I can pretty much make fun of anyone.  me included.

Interior size. what are you trying to say? My girl is big but so what.  You want to step outside and we can talk about it.

Here in Denver i see plenty of BMW’s and they all look pretty good.
 I just don’t know how to grade them.  not sure what to look for.

I’m going to go with an M car for iNteloper because the price difference between a standard 325 and M3 or 540 vs M5 is not that great– and with the M you get manual transmission, rear limited slip diff, sporty seats, upgraded suspensions and hopped up engines.  E36 M3s litter craigslist like hippies as a Haight-Ashbury flop house and you wouldn’t want to be seen cavorting with most of them, so I like to get my E36M3s from enthusiast forums.  You might find more modified cars, but the sellers typically have a traceable history of previous cars, modifications, silly things they say and want to keep some forum cred by being honest in their sale...remember I said typically, this is not always the case.  This 1997 BMW M3 sedan (M3/4/5) found on bimmerforums.com classifieds is a bit above the $5k price range with an asking price of $10k, but these things are negotiable.

I cannot think of a better introduction to the world of M-cars than a nice example of an E36 M3 — what do you suggest?  Comments below.  Image credits; bimmerforums.com