1k: GA16DE Turbo Swap: 1989 Nissan Sentra XE AWD Wagon

The B12 generation Nissan Sentra (1985-1989) was never available in the USA with the sporty SE-R version that was released in the B13 version (1990-1994), but there was an extremely limited edition all-wheel-drive wagon version.  Today’s feature gets power from a force-fed version of a later Sentra engine and could be fun.  Find this 1989 Nissan Sentra XE 4WD Wagon here on eBay currently bidding for $710 with 3 days to go.

The Nissan Sentra wagon is not a common car (when new, or today) and the all-wheel-drive version is even more of a unicorn.  I wasn’t able to determine exact production numbers from a few minutes of searching on the internet, but perhaps a knowledgeable reader can comment.

The original  1.6 liter GA16I is long gone — in its place is a 1.6 liter GA16DE inline-4 from a B13 Sentra that has been augmented with a Hotshot TSi Turbo kit, good for 150 horsepower according to the seller. Power is routed to a 5-speed manual (the AWD wagon was not available with an auto) and a Subaru limite slip diff out back.

The AWD wagon version of the Sentra featured a slightly raised suspension & quicker steering ratio, but for the most part it used common Sentra parts.  The interior is going to be very basic, but it doesn’t look as bad as you might expect.

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