15k: On a Hunch: 1956 Plymouth BelVamino

The world of custom pickup trucks is indeed a strange place, sometimes scary, often daunting, but always fascinating.  You need to really open your mind and take a Forrest Gump box of chocolate approach to opening up a custom truck ad…because you never know what yer gonna get.  Find this 1956 Plymouth Custom El Camino for sale in Saunton, IL for $13,950 via countryclassiccars.com.  Tip from Allen G.

1956 was the year that Plymouth put a gas turbine engine in a Belvedere and drove it around the country in a display of Mopar might.   The standard Belvedere was available as a sedan or 2-door Fury coupe, but it was years before Ford introduced its version of the El Camino to the public.  Therefore any ’56 BelVaminos are custom creations.

Cutting right to the chase, we’ve got to point out that not only has the roof/trunk/bed been radically altered but the entire car is wrapped in custom work. Custom (plastic?fiberglass?metal?) bumpers integrated into fenders is something that can either be wicked and well done or horribly bad…there is pretty much no middle ground on custom body work.  It’ll either look great and last for decades or fall apart the first time you hit a speed bump.  Drive carefully…

The ’56 Plymouth Belvedere was equipped with the worlds first push-button automatic, an innovation that adds nothing but complexity and failure points.  It was something similar to Buick’s mash-the-gas-to-start feature and answered a problem that no one ever experienced, and like proactively taking regular doses of chemotherapy when you don’t have cancer, it cause more problems than it solved.

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