DT Admin: Time To Change The Oil

The Daily Turismo has teams of skilled programmers working around the clock to constantly try to improve the user experience at this world class interweb site…okay…that isn’t even remotely true since this website is just a light fender bender away from being declared a total loss.  Mostly we’ve got a fat hairy guy named Bob who yells at us about how we need to use more css scripts and foams in his goatee. That isn’t true either, but we have sacked the guy who did the previous badges and suckered convinced regular tipper and contributor Kaibeezy to generate an entirely new catalog of badges of our cars.  What are badges?  The ridiculous lo-res images that appear at the top of each post, which have been redesigned to be hip, cool and totally ambiguous.  Pay attention.  If you can’t figure this out, how are you going to rebuild the generator on that jalopy we featured and you bought with your life savings.

Keen observers will also notice the custom art that is now in the header image, expect that image to change every few days with other hand painted classics that are done by a Romanian artist who is living in Germany and works for peanuts.  Seriously, it is the cheapest art ever and the perfect embodiment of the DT mentality.  In all likelihood, multiple international laws are being violated, not to mention the Geneva Convention…it is that cheap.  Naturally, we are in the process of commissioning a number of paintings from the artist and will have more updates later.  In the meantime, feel free to make fun of the new layout, bitch about the commenting system (EIC Vince: really sorry about that, but sort of hamstrung by the current hosting system…and would require a Maserati Bi-turbo engine rebuild level of effort to change…so…for now…) or put in your 2¢ below.