15k: Notta SportsRoof: 1971 Ford Torino 500 Hardtop

The Ford Torino was available in 1971 as a 2-door or 4-door hardtop, 2-door fastback (sportsroof), 2-door convertible, 4-door sedan or 4-door station wagon.  The 2-door hardtop and fastback (sportsroof) versions are very close in appearance since the rear roofline isn’t as exaggerated as in the Mustang, but the rear 1/4 window and fastback flying buttress is different.  Find this 1971 Ford Torino 500 Hardtop incorrectly called a fastback, currently bidding for $13,900 on ebay with a few hours to go, located in Palm Desert, CA.

This big green hardtop isn’t a bad looking example of the Torino breed and by 1971 the coupe version was easily confused with the fastback. This one is covered in a nice shade of metallic green and features a custom yellow/black side stripe that works surprisingly well.

The original 302 cubic inch (5.0 liter) Ford V8 has been rebuilt and hopefully massaged to release some of the hidden horsepower.  It is attached to a 3-speed auto, so this one is a cruiser and thankfully has working AC.

The interior color can be described as “You Can’t Do That On Television” green slime, but combines a column shifter and front bench seat to give you 6 passenger comfort.  It won’t get the fuel economy of a Mazda5, but it’ll certainly do a better job at burnouts and getting thumbs-up from random folks.

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