Introducing Daily Turismo Private Reserve

If we at DT learned anything from our years of reading The Onion & xkcd, it is that cutting edge blogs constantly reinvent themselves.  Normally a car listing site will charge the seller for the privilege of featuring the car and reaching his intended audience…but…what if the reader was charged for that service and the seller could reap the benefit for free?  See where I’m going?  What if we blatantly shook our pom-poms at every rusty piece of crap that crosses our inbox and then our readers nod their heads in unison, some sucker comes in and buys the car…suddenly gold rains from the skies.  Step 4, PROFIT!!!!

The details are currently being approved by DT’s crack legal team at the law offices of Madoff, Abagnale & Pearlman Esq, but the plan is to put together a questionnaire for potential sellers, a draft copy of which is below:

Describe the condition of the car using the word patina at least 10 times:

When did you decide to turn it into an El Camino?

Who is your favorite Spice Girl?

Yeti, Sasquatch or El Chupacabra?

Describe your love of Volvos without using the word sleeper:

Guess a number between 1 and -13:

Let the submissions commence.

DT Private Reserve, where the preserves are rated.