15k: Clean Afterburners: 1962 Oldsmobile Starfire

The first generation Oldsmobile Starfire sat at the top of end GM’s Olds lineup in 1962 and was equipped with a big V8 and covered in big pieces of chrome.  The name was taken from the Lockeed F-94 Starfire interceptor, a short lived Korean War era Coke bottle shaped fighter that inspired young automobile designers in the early jet age.  Find this 1962 Oldsmobile Starfire for sale in Apple Valley, CA currently bidding on ebay for $15,100 reserve-not-met with a few days to go.

The listing starts out with a simple ALL-CAPS description and it’s not clear if the old dude in the photograph is the seller, previous owner, friend, or someone who just wandered by while pictures were being taken.  There is some reference to taking the grandkids for rides and having no sons and its time to sell…so perhaps this is listed by the old dude in the photos – but more likely he is being helped by an intermediary…not that there is anything wrong with that.

The Starfire is powered by a 394 cubic inch Skyrocket V8 that puts out 345 glorious smoggy horsepower and some uknown but obscene number of torques.   Pickup when you hit the “go pedal” should be acceptable but fuel economy should be measured in gallons per mile. 

The interior of this thing looks extremely well preserved – it’s likely been seldom driven but the seller says the seat upholstery has been replaced, although the door cards are original.

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