DT COW: What Would You Do To Get Your Dream Car?

We’ve all been there.  The car of your dreams is about to slip through your fingers due to a variety of reasons and you dig deep…really deep to find a way to have it.  Would you dig deep with the help of surgeon and a scalpel?  Today’s commenter of the week certainly thinks that the Toyota 4X4 Micro Camper Van may be worth it when he writes:

These are wonderful little trucks. I have owned the 2 wheel drive manual transmission version and still regret selling it. I have been hoping for a reasonably priced 4wd manual trans version (4×4 automatics do not have a hi-lo transfer case) but seeing this one makes me really excited. I wonder if he needs a kidney

image credit vintagecartoons.blogspot.com

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Congrats to mountainman! His prize is this vintage Toyota Space Cruiser advertisement from vintagecartoons.blogspot.com.  We sincereley wish that your remaining kidney is happy being driven around in comfort in the Micro Camper Van.

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