15k: 1973 Pontiac GTO Sport Coupe – 3spd Manual

Many ebay sellers tend to use the tactic of giving less information and hoping the buyers gloss over any deficiencies and just feel happy to get a car that matches his make/model/price requirements.  We don’t really like this method as it causes much heartache when the car is finally delivered, or better – when the buyer arrives with cash and still has the option of walking away.  The much better approach is to over-saturate the buyer with photos and information and hope that the person who buys the car does weigh all pros vs. cons and is ultimately happy with the purchase.  Today’s feature is an exercise in over-saturation of information and will take a large chunk of your day to read/digest, but it is a 1973 Pontiac GTO Sport Coupe with 3spd manual transmission for sale in Bensalem, PA, currently bidding on ebay for $12,850 with less than one day to go.

This 1973 Pontiac GTO is actually just a Pontiac Le Mans with the $354 GTO option ticked on the sales ticket.  The GTO package added a 400 cubic inch V8 with dual exhaust, heavy duty shocks/stabilizers, NASA type vents on hood (also known as NACA ducts) 15x7inch wheels with 60 series tires, blacked out grille and GTO badges.  The GTO name was borrowed stolen from the Ferrari 250 GTO, the Italian abbreviation Gran Turismo Omologato translates into Grand Touring Homologated (meaning the car had been certified for a grand touring road racing racing class).  A bit of a silly name for a Tempest with an engine from a Catalina in it, as nothing ever needed to be homologated.   It was a family sedan, not a grand tourer, but a legend was born.

This smurf-blue beauty is powered by a 400 cubic inch (6.6 liter) Pontiac V8 putting out 230 horsepower from its smog choked 8:1 compression ratio boat anchor.  While we do suspect that the air cleaner housing has been recently repainted, we don’t see any over-spray anything else, so it was at least painted outside of the engine compartment, not always the case with some fast acting car flippers. 

The inside of this car is so smurfing blue we don’t know if we should love or hate it.  Not everyone will love  the interior ambiance and expect a lot of opinions as it is seriously bold.  This GTO is equipped with a 3spd floor shifted manual transmission -not exactly a sport option, but certainly preferable over a slushbox.

Whoa – check out them NASA type hood scoops – actually called NACA ducts because the shapes were original designed by NACA, the National Advisory Committee on Aerodynamics – which was the predecessor to today’s NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.  We aren’t exactly sure what the post Space Shuttle NASA uses its $16 billion USD taxpayer budget for each year, but NACA spent years designing these low-drag air inlets that in the 70’s got plastered all over the hoods of Shelby Mustangs, GTOs and Ferraris – neat!  Maybe today’s NASA will invent something that will get all of those electronic fun killer gizmos out of modern cars.

The GTO originally started the muscle car craze with a big engine in a medium package and understated looks, but 1973 is a long time from 1964.  The 1973 GTO was still living on its older siblings legend and was neither fast nor particularly sharp looking.  What it does offer is some sweet ’70s styling, smurf blood blue paint,  smurf hide interior and this particular example looks excellent.  The question you have to ask yourself is – if scientists could make a turd sandwich that looked exactly like pastrami on rye, would you try it?

Final thoughts – reading hours of descriptive text in the smurf blue font on the ebay ad made us want to smurfing stab our eyes out with a rusty dipstick – so if you are selling a car, please just stick to basic fonts in black.

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